Neighbor Spotlight: Soap (and Place) Making with Duross and Langel

June 26, 2017

Steve Duross never set out to create a lifestyle company, but by making affordable, locally produced spa-brand products, that’s what his Midtown Village business, Duross and Langel, has become.

The skincare shop and upstairs salon, originally located on Locust Street, has been in the area for more than a decade, but the store has been in its current home at Sansom and 13th streets for three years.

“I had a one-chair men’s salon,” Duross recalls about the original location. “And it was all I could afford. $400 [in rent] was nothing, and I could run my business—it was great. I had tried opening [the store] in another iteration, right next door on Locust and it did well, but it was too much work for me to do both.”


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