Seriously fun

New places to go & things to do

Award-winning chefs creating plates of pure joy. Dedicated shop owners sharing the thrill of discovery. World-class artists and all kinds of good times. All within a few blocks of 1213 Walnut—apartments with street sense.

Welcome to Philly’s Most Happening Neighborhood

What is it about Midtown Village? The trend-setting restaurants. The surprising, one-off boutiques. From our Walnut Street apartments, you can walk or bike or hop on a bus or a train to anywhere and everywhere. It’s all this genuine urban energy that makes Midtown Village the place to be in Philly.

Original Eateries

Dining & drinking like nowhere else

Around half of’s Top 50 Restaurants are within six blocks of 1213 Walnut. The best chefs in town, the best independent coffee shops, the craftiest of craft cocktails – all within easy walking distance of these Walnut Street apartments.

Quirky Boutiques

Think outside the chains

Oh, chain stores serve their purpose, and they’re not far away. But this is a neighborhood that rewards the explorer in you. Singular discoveries await around every corner from these brand new Walnut Street apartments.

To See, To Hear,
To Move and Be Moved

Entertainment for every taste

1213 Walnut offers street-of-dreams apartments amid the performing arts. There’s a concert or show within three blocks, seven days a week. Broadway hits or ballet, big names or bands on the rise – all now playing or coming soon.


Plenty. Find more of what you’re looking for.